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It’s not too often that I’ve been blindsided by an artist. In nearly three years of running Mama Bird, no album that’s been sent to me unsolicited has floored me so unexpectedly.Myriam Gendron‘s ‘Not So Deep as a Well’ is a stunning piece of work. It’s strange, mysterious, heartbreaking, and deeply clever. Myriam’s composition and performance of Dorothy Parker‘s poetry is a revelation that truly brings out all of Parker’s power as a writer – the wit, the bite, and all the lonesome heartache becomes so heavy and so clear.

Please give this a listen,
Vincent (Label Manager / Head Honcho / Chief Knucklehead)


The album is available digitally from our STORE and via all digital retail/streaming services. The album is also now available on a limited run of vinyl from Feeding Tube Records.

Listen to “Solace” below.

introducing MYRIAM GENDRON!

We’re so very pleased to introduce Myriam Gendron to y’all as the newest MBRC family member. Myriam’s debut came to us out of nowhere last year and just floored us. Her debut, titled Not So Deep as a Well, is a stunning record of original compositions of Dorothy Parker poems. It’s dark and mysterious and a bit playful — much like Parker’s poetry. Learn more about Myriam here and be sure to follow her on facebook (she’s brand new to the fbook, so be nice and say hi!).

Not So Deep as a Well will be available digitally and on vinyl (from our friends at Feeding Tube Records) on March 4th.

In the meantime, here’s “Solace.”

VIKESH KAPOOR: wnyc premieres “BOTTOM OF THE LADDER” video

Vikesh Kapoor – Bottom Of The Ladder (Official Video) from Randy Sterling Hunter.

Here’s the new music video for Vikesh Kapoor‘s latest single, “Bottom Of The Ladder,” off The Ballad Of Willy Robbins. The video, directed by the fantastic Randy Sterling Hunter, was shot late one summer night during a lightning storm in New York’s Hudson River Valley.

From V. Kapoor: “‘Bottom Of The Ladder’ is inspired by the frustration of being stuck in limbo – climbing some ladder, sticking to some societal framework, and doing so seemingly forever and without progress. A Sisyphean struggle. Discouraged with making ends meet for his family, the speaker dreams of jumping off that ladder and abandoning the life he’s been expected to live.”

Thanks to WNYC for the premiere!

QUIET LIFE: rolling stone premieres “RECORD TIME” video

The new music video for Quiet Life‘s “Record Time,” premiered yesterday via Rolling Stone. The video was directed by our good friend and favorite wildman, Ben Fee. It’s a tale of running, running after and running away. Quiet Life’s Sean Spellman spoke to Rolling Stone about this song, saying,

“I wrote ‘Record Time’ right before we left Portland to drive a couple thousand miles across the country to join Dr. Dog on tour in Cleveland. I didn’t know if I’d ever come back to Portland or if I even had anything to come back to, and I still don’t. That’s where the line ‘I’m gonna drive out to Ohio / I’m gonna free my troubled mind’ comes from. The song is about a particular woman, but I don’t want to talk about that.”

“Record Time” is the opening track off Quiet Life’s new record, Wild Pack, available HERE.



Today, we’re oh-so-pleased to present the release of Quiet Life‘s newest full-length, Wild Pack. The album is available now on CD & Vinyl (+ Download) in our STORE and your local record store! If you prefer your music invisible, head on over to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc (and our webstore again!). OR you can grab one from the band as they tour the U.S. with The Head And The Heart. Tour dates here.

Suggestion: find a way to get this one in your truck/car — it’s the perfect road record.




This one’s sure been a long time coming and we’re so proud to finally release it. Vikesh Kapoor‘s The Ballad Of Willy Robbins is an absolute achievement for the young songwriter. It’s a stunning, dark, faintly hopeful and massively relevant folk record. The album, a concept record based on a New York Times article, follows the trials and tribulations of a blue-collar worker. Here’s a bit from Ned Lannamann at The Portland Mercury:

The Ballad of Willy Robbins is a vital, blood-spattered document of the times America currently finds itself in, examining hard-working people and their families as they’re sidelined by big business and the bottom dollar.

Visit our STORE to get it digitally or on Compact Disc. You can also find it at any of your preferred digital retailers and streaming services. For all you vinyl lovers, sit tight till early next year!

VIKESH KAPOOR: “Carry Me, Home” + Fall Tour


“Carry Me, Home,” the second single off Vikesh Kapoor’s forthcoming debut (available Oct. 15th), premiered yesterday via Bullett Media. Stream the track below and be sure to head over to Bullett for a photo essay from Vikesh. There, you’ll find the story behind the above photo!

ALSO, check out his fall tour dates, featuring shows with Barna Howard, The Deslondes, Widowspeak, Pure Bathing Culture, Broncho, and Saintseneca!

10/9 – BELLINGHAM, WA – The Green Frog
10/9 – SEATTLE, WA – KEXP (In-Studio)
10/10 – TACOMA, WA – University of Puget Sound
10/11 – SEATTLE, WA – The Piranha Shop (Album Release Show) *
10/13 – PORTLAND, OR – Portland Playhouse (Album Release Show) +
10/14 – COTTAGE GROVE, OR – Arcade Theater *
10/15 – EUGENE, OR – The Wandering Goat
10/16 – NEVADA CITY, CA – Curly Wolf
10/17 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Amnesia
10/19 – DAVIS, CA – Sophia’s Thai Kitchen #
10/20 – LOS ANGELES, CA – SoFar Sounds
10/21 – PIONEERTOWN, CA – Pappy & Harriet’s
10/22 – LOS ANGELES, CA – Room 5 Lounge
11/5 – PITTSBURGH, PA – Brillobox ^
11/6 – WASHINGTON, DC – DC9 ^
11/7 – BROOKLYN, NY – Cameo Gallery ^
11/8 – PHILADELPHIA, PA – KungFu Necktie ^
11/9 – COLUMBUS, OH – The Basement ^
11/12 – CHICAGO, IL – Schuba’s $
11/13 – MINNEAPOLIS, MN – 7th Street Entry $
11/14 – OMAHA, NE – Slowdown $
11/15 – DES MOINES, IA – Vaudeville Mews $
11/16 – LAWRENCE, KS – Replay Lounge $
11/17 – BLOOMINGTON, IN – The Bishop $
11/18 – LOUISVILLE, KY – Zanzabar $
11/20 – PITTSBURGH, PA – Garfield Artworks $
* w/ Barna Howard
+ w/ The Deslondes
# w/ Widowspeak, Pure Bathing Culture
^ w/ Broncho, Denney & The Jets
$ w/ Saintseneca

VIKESH KAPOOR: american songwriter premieres live video

Picture 7

In mid-May we put together a very special show at the Portland Playhouse, a beautiful old church-turned-playhouse. The evening featured powerful sets from Barna Howard, Vikesh Kapoor and Alela Diane. It was truly an amazing night and we’re very excited to share a video of Vikesh performing “I Dreamt Blues,” the first single off his forthcoming debut, The Ballad Of Willy Robbins. Big thanks to Emilee Booher and Philippe Bronchtein for video and sound, respectively.

Head on over to American Songwriter for the video’s premiere. 


introducing VIKESH KAPOOR + single premiere!


We’re pretty darn thrilled to introduce y’all to one of our favorite songwriters and our newest family member, VIKESH KAPOOR! We’ll be releasing his debut full-length, The Ballad Of Willy Robbins, on October 15th. We can’t wait for y’all to hear this one. It’s dark and smart, brutal and hopeful, poetic and straight-forward. The first single, “I Dreamt Blues,” just premiered on Interview Magazine can be streamed/downloaded below!

Here’s a note from Vikesh about the song:

“I Dreamt Blues” is at once a ballad and an ode to dreams. It was chosen as a first glimpse into The Ballad of Willy Robbins because it casts the widest light on what this album is about. Love, work, technology, government and apathy all exist in this song, providing a landscape-view of the album’s narrative. Yet, “I Dreamt Blues” is also a magnified, head-on portrait of our main character as he gives us an unguarded, lyrical song of resignation. Perhaps he’s singing directly to us, or to a lover, or perhaps he’s not singing aloud at all – just to the thoughts in his head.  At best, he’s taking a long look at what’s left before him, as his dreams become hazy, his days remain numbered, and his hopes begin to disappear.



Our first Release Day of 2013 is here! Always one of our favorite days of the year, we get to feel like proud parents, gettin’ to share the baby we’ve been workin’ on. Or something like that. Anyhow, take a listen to the first single, “Oh Catherine, My Catherine,” below and get your digital album/streams via Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, etc.. and via CD/digital in our STORE. We’re awful excited about this one. Kevin Large is a great songwriter and he’s ready to get heard.

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